Energia és kémia

The role of chemistry in energy production and transportation: an historical overview


TECHNOLOGY MILESTONES FROM THE CHEMIST’S VIEW: this is the title of the poster-series, which is the processed version of the gallery ‘Technological Milestones’, an exhibition prepared by members of the American Chemical Society under the chairmanship of professor Attila Pavlath.

The posters (Energy 1−5) in this e-course introduce the following topics:

  • Energy sources
  • Storage of energy
  • Petroleum products
  • Transportation and pavement of roads
  • Automotive vehicles
  • Aeronautics

Out of the posters we put on three power point presentations in lecture form (English lecture 1−3).

The Exhibition was made at the Department of Physical Chemistry, University Szeged, Hungary, by Nora Rideg, undergraduate student, Supervised by Veronika Nemeth, assistant professor.

The Exhibition was sponsored by the Hungarian Chemical Society (MKE) and by the American Chemical Society.

Please feel free to download any of the files in this e-course and use it in your teaching or work.