About the ENFO project

ENFO: Dynamic information system for environmentally efficient and environment conscious decision making

The ENFO project is an on-line developed information system for environmentally efficient and environment conscious decision making. The developed system informs the problem holder about data on and correlation between environmental elements, chemical substances, pollution and environmental damages, land-use, effects and impacted elements and activities. The ENFO project provides systematic information on the legal background, environmental monitoring, risk and life cycle assessment, risk reduction methods and technologies demonstrated with focus on the central area of Hungary.

Funding agency and programme: National Office for Research and Technology, New Hungary Development Plan, Central Hungary Operative Program (KMOP) http://www.nfu.hu

Project code: KMOP-3.3.4.C-2008.0005


Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, http://www.bme.hu




Department of Environmental Biotechnology and Food Science
Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology Research Group


Akusztika Mérnöki Iroda Kft.

Akusztika Engineering Office Ltd. www.akusztika.com
ENFO topics: air, noise, vibration

Aqua Concorde Vízanalitikai és Víztechnológiai Kft.

ENFO topics: soil, ground water, surface water and sediment, legal background

Cyclolab Ciklodextrin Kutató-fejlesztő Laboratórium Kft Cyclolab Cyclodextrin Research & Development Laboratory Ltd. http://www.cyclolab.hu
ENFO topics: chemical substances and environmental analysis

DigiKom Ltd. http://www.digikom.hu
ENFO topics: databases

FEBE ECOLOGIC környezetvédelmi tanácsadó és képzési iroda

FEBE ECOLOGIC Environmental Consulting and Training Office
ENFO topics: Life Cycle Assessment


RISSAC Research Institute for Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, http://www.mta-taki.hu
ENFO topics: soil, GIS-tools

 Weprot Kft.

Weprot Ltd. http://www.weprot.hu
ENFO topics: waste