Telecommunication and chemistry


TECHNOLOGY MILESTONES FROM THE CHEMIST’S VIEW: this is the title of the poster-series, which is the processed version of the gallery ‘Technological Milestones’, an exhibition prepared by members of the American Chemical Society under the chairmanship of professor Attila Pavlath.

The posters and power-point presentations in this e-course cover the following topics:

1. Communications Advances

  • The development of telephone
  • Wireless communications
  • Facsimile technology and xerography
  • Laser and fiber optics

2. Computer Technology

  • Evolution of computers
  • Semiconductor technology
  • Silicon chips and integrated circuits
  • Monitor and display technologies
  • Information storage
  • Communications satellites

3. Entertainment Developments

  • Movies
  • Television
  • Photography

4. Innovations in Electronics

  • Evolution of consumer electronics
  • Advanced synthetic materials
  • Transistors

There are posters and power-point presentataions in this e-course on the same topic.

The Exhibition was made at the Department of Physical Chemistry, University Szeged, Hungary, by Nora Rideg, undergraduate student, Supervised by Veronika Nemeth, assistant professor.

The Exhibition was sponsored by the Hungarian Chemical Society (MKE) and by the American Chemical Society.

Please feel free to download and use any of the files in this e-course.