Danube water carrier from 1855

Source of the photo
Selmeczi Kovács Attila: Elfeledett magyar mesterségek és népélet
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Weprot Kft.

The Danube water vendors, with their two-wheeled donkey carriage were typical figures of the streets of Budapest in the XIX. century.  They offered their ware, the Danube water, from house to house.

The city's population consumed water from wells, which gave too hard water, not suitable for washing, so that the water of the Danube was used for washing and cooking. The former city was divided amongst the water sellers, each one had its own area. The right was inherited by their sons.

After Budapest has established the water supply by a network, the profession of Danube water carrier disappeared suddnely. In spite of the short existence of this special profession, it has been engraved into the image of the city for ever.

Source of description

Selmeczi Attila Kovacs: Forgotten Hungarian crafts and folk life