A special edition of "Land Contamination & Reclamation" dedicated to the MOKKA project has been published

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Vaszita Emese

A special edition of "Land Contamination & Reclamation" (Land Contamination & Reclamation, 17 (3-4) 2009 EPP Publications Ltd) dedicated to the MOKKA project, edited by Katalin Gruiz and Tamás Meggyes has been recently published under the title "Innovative decision-support tools for risk-based environmental management".

This special issue presents the main outputs of the MOKKA project and provides a complex overview, comprising a broad range of scientific summaries and specific methodological issues, contributes to the development of environmental science, technology and management, and establishes a holistic solution to the environmental problems facing our planet. The authors are the partners and the in-country and European subcontractors of the MOKKA project. The main topics of the volume are: environmental risk management and decision making, site assessment and monitoring tools, environmental risk management, development of remediation technologies, the MOKKA database and its interface with the EUGRIS and EURODEMO databases. Please find the cover and the contents of the book in the attachments below.

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