Expozíciós modellek vegyi anyag kockázatfelméréséhez és biztonsági adatlapjához

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The power-point presentation introduces a new European project, E-TEAM, on the comparative characterisation of exposure models for the estimation of the exposure in the course of risk assessment of chemical substances and for the preparation of a chemical safety report.

The Project will evaluate the following Exposure Assessment Models

  • ECETOC TRA Version 2 and 3
  • Stoffenmanager Version 4.5
  • EMKG-Ecpo-Tool
  • Risk of derm ver 2.1
  • MEASE ver 1.02.01

The aims of the evaluation are:

  • conceptual evaluation of the models
  • preparing inventory of exposure data sources and their evaluation
  • estamlishing protocol for data collection
  • to develp a comprehensive exposure database
  • to compare model estimates with real environment
  • evaluating uncertainty of the models
  • evaluating usability of the models
  • to compare the tools
  • to disseminate the findings.