LCA tanfolyam (angol)

Sára Balázs


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This course gives an introduction to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) concepts, a basic level of understanding on how to carry out a basic LCA and an understanding of the implied uncertainties, value-choices and trade-offs.


The course aims at giving practical guidance on how to interpret LCA results. Also, an understanding of the benefits of using "standards" should be achieved. The standards for LCA are the ISO 14040 standards and the technical specification ISO/TS 14048.


This course is recommended for product designers, purchasers and environmental strategists - who want to have an introduction to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).


The course has been produced in the context of the EU-project CASCADE. The document "LCA course for users of LCA data and results" was developed for CASCADE at Industrial Environmental Informatics, Chalmers University of Tecnology. It has been used as the basis for the web course with simplifications, inclusions and adaptations made by FEBE ECOLOGIC to make the language and the content more suitable for newcomers, especially from SMEs.

The main reference document is: Raul Carlson, Ann-Christin Pålsson, "ISO/DEVPRO IRAM LCA training course"; - Chalmers University of Technology.