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Gruiz Katalin

Extremely versatile scrubber series utilizes our special high performance sieve, valve or bubble cap tray designs in single or multiple stages to achieve high efficiency gas absorption or particulate removal with extremely low liquid throughput. Series 6000 Tray scrubbers have less tendency to foul on dirty solids laden gases or liquids than packed towers due to large diameter tray openings.

A droplet and mist removal element section is included to eliminate droplet carryover. Easy access arrangements for tray servicing compliments this rugid scrubber design.

Capacity Rating: 1,000 thru 150,000 cfm

Typical Applications include:

· Gas scrubbing where it is desirable for the scrubbing liquid to be fed on a once-through basis without recirculation
· Removal of water soluble VOC compounds and reconcentration of acid gases and ammonia in solution
· Micron-sized solid particulate removal